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Unlocking Efficiency: How ExaCare’s Pre-built Assessment Feature is Revolutionizing Care Plans


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the creation of accurate resident care plans has always posed a challenge. The intricacies involved in addressing individual needs, coupled with the traditional manual processes, often result in inefficiencies. However, a groundbreaking solution emerges with the help of ExaCare and its innovative assessment and care plans feature. 

ExaCare’s software provides tailored assessments, personalized to each resident’s unique requirements, which automatically generate comprehensive care plans, efficiently determining the appropriate level of care needed by each resident. This transformative feature saves valuable time and reduces human error but also ensures the utmost accuracy in care planning.

Minimizing Human Error

Human error in care planning poses significant risks to the well-being of residents. ExaCare addresses this challenge by incorporating standardized assessments, reducing variability, and enhancing the precision of care plans. Users are able to create and complete a customized assessment in 30 minutes or less for a resident and will receive an automatically generated care plan curated specifically for that individual, reducing human errors by 20% as compared to manually creating a care plan. 


ExaCare also focuses on capturing care revenue through safeguards in place within our software to better categorize tasks occurring within each community. Care revenue refers to the financial resources generated by a senior living facility, through the provisions of accommodation, support, and medical assistance to individuals in need of care services. The revenue generated is dependent on the level of care provided, and as the level of care increases, communities begin increasing their prices to reflect the enhanced services. A common challenge associated with care revenue is the potential discrepancy between the actual amount of care provided and the accurate recording & communication of this information. The problem arises when the level of care delivered to residents escalates rapidly, leading to increased costs, without proper documentation and transparent communication with the families of those receiving care. 


The ExaCare platform’s incorporated safeguards maintain fairness and transparency when billing residents and accurately records & shares information about the care services provided, ensuring that families are aware of their loved one’s care plans.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating through the complexities of healthcare software can be a daunting task for professionals. ExaCare strategically eliminates this challenge with its user-friendly interface, designed for seamless navigation and utilization. To experience the ease firsthand, readers are encouraged to book a demo and explore the seamless interface of ExaCare.

ExaCare’s Assessment and Care Plan features represent a paradigm shift in healthcare solutions. By simplifying the labor-intensive task of creating precise care plans, ExaCare significantly saves time and effort. The commitment to minimizing human error through standardized assessments demonstrates ExaCare’s dedication to patient safety. The user-friendly interface further enhances accessibility, making technology an ally in delivering optimal resident care.

In essence, ExaCare’s features not only streamline care planning but also redefine the standards of resident care. 


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